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We guarantee professionalism and efficient procedural persuasion for our clients, for obtaining appropriate compensations from car accidents.

Law Office “VARZARU ION”


We are involved with responsibility in debt collection and represent your interests in succession cases.

Law Office “VARZARU ION”


You are invited to call on our long-standing and competent experience in solving divorce cases, exercise of parental authority, visiting program of minors and alimony.

Law Office “VARZARU ION”

Founding a Company

Willing to start up a business in Romania and need to set up a new company? Searching for an experienced lawyer that could help you easily surpass the beaurocracy of the Romanian legal system? Willing to change your company's legal name or simply add a new object of activity ? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experience is related to:

·Incorporating commercial companies :Limited Liability Companies (SRL), Joint-Stock Companies (SA), General Partnerships (SNC), Limited Partnerships (SCS), Limited Joint-Stock Companies (SCA)

· Establishing commercial companies by students

· Establishing commercial companies by young debutants (SRL-D)

· Establishing off-shore companies (Cyprus, Malta, Monte Carlo, etc.)

· Setting up foundations and associations

· Setting up subsidiaries for international companies, in Romania
· Establishing working points, branches, offices in the country and abroad

· Changing the social headquarters

· Taking over a company

· Adding new objects of activity

· Drawing up constitutive deeds and additional papers

· Changing the company's legal name

· Suspending the activity of a company

· Changing the legal form of a commercial company

· General legal assistance in matters related to commercial companies

· Registration of all legal papers with the Romanian Office of Trade Register

All businesses must be incorporated with the National Office of Trade Register organized by the Romanian Chamber of Trade and Industry. The National Office of Trade Register is a public institution meant to handle business statistical information. The date of incorporation in the Romanian Trade Register is considered to be the starting moment of a company's legal existence.

Our lawyers offer complete legal assistance for any type of Romanian company formation and on-going assistance after the incorporation of the company.

Companies established in Romania are legal entities subject to Romanian laws: (modified and completed by Emergency Government Ordinance No.32/1997, Law No.195/1997 and Law No.99/1999 on certain measures for the acceleration of the economic reform).

Furthermore, we have a strong general background in assisting foreign companies expand to Romania.

Foreign corporations are entitled to set up representative offices in Romania, in accordance with the provisions of Decree – Law No.122/1990. While representative offices cannot carry out commercial activities on their behalf, they are entitled to promote and supervise the business of their parent companies. Establishing a representative office must be done with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Department of Foreign Trade. Most representative offices are subject to minimum taxationas their only income is represented by the funds obtained from the mother company.

A foreign company can also do business in Romania through a subsidiary or a branch. While a subsidiary has legal personality and is considered to be a Romanian entity, the branch is just an extension of the parent company and therefore has no legal personality and independence.Legally, the branch has no separate status from the foreign company itself.

Because it is very important to start-up well, you don't have to waist time going through all the beaurocracy of the Romanian legal system. It is most important to plan, organize and run your business. Let us handle the incorporation of your company and the on-going legal changes. The stages for the settlement of a company and further procedures can look difficult, long and expensive. However, we provide you simple solutions for the development of your business.

Our lawyers are familiar with the stages of incorporating any types of legal entities, having a solid background related to all legislative and administrative aspects.

Choose to let us incorporate your company and proficiently deal with all additional changes and papers and take time to just run your business well.


I was the victim of a car accident, which caused me profound and permanent injuries. The opposing party had exhausted all procedural means to prevent me from getting the deserved financial compensation. Only the great professional ability and the persistence shown by my lawyers helped me in obtaining the payment of even the smallest legal claims, which I would have otherwise dropped in order to speed up the judgment of the case. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude for the patience and professionalism with which my situation was handled by the team of lawyers, that I would like to herewith recommend to all those who share a similar experience.


. I've been injured on the pedestrian crossing and, although I was innocent, I was treated with insolence and arrogance by the guilty driver. This intimidated me and maybe I would have easily given up claiming my rights, especially as, in my profession of physician, I have never had any relation with law courts. The lawyers who represented me helped me to regain my dignity and particularly to reclaim my financial rights that can make my present situation bearable. I would like to thank in this way for the professionalism and tenacity of the Law Office VARZARU ION, who knew and obtained for me the financial compensations, both materially and morally.

IORDACHE MARIANA - pediatrician

I had invested a considerable amount of money in a business. Although I was in good faith, our contract partners suddenly renounced unilaterally from our convention and, moreover, they sued us demanding that we pay them damages, although in reality we were the ones damaged. The process appeared to be lengthy, through the exhaustion of all legal remedies. Our lawyers have carefully analysed and masterfully interpreted a contractual clause that was favourable to us and that settled the dispute in our favor. In addition, besides valuing our due debt, we also obtained reparatory damages for the injustice suffered. We would like to express our satisfaction and appreciation for calling on the Law Office "VARZARU ION" that represented us and which, through its representatives, reviewed documents with professional accuracy and intelligence, so as to obtain a court decision favorable to us.


. I am the father of an 11 years girl, with whom I had lived together ever since her birth. After divorcing from my wife, my daughter had been entrusted to me by the court. Subsequently, the other two lawsuits filed by my former wife for getting the custody of the child were rejected. Currently, the girl's mother is abroad, but on the advice of lawyers MORARU MARIA and VARZARU ION who helped me in these lawsuits, I kept a close contact with the child’s maternal grandparents, whom she regularly visits. I would like to thank my lawyers who made it possible to find out the truth in court and helped me to protect my daughter. I frequently inform the lawyers on the child's school performances and I am grateful to them for their friendship.


My child suffers from a severe asthmatic condition. My husband left the marital home moving in with another woman. After the divorce lawsuit, he asked in court for a visitation program that would involve taking our baby boy in his new home. I was particularly concerned about this possibility, knowing the behavior of the child when nocturnal asthma attacks occurred and the fact that my ex-husband was never involved in helping me in such circumstances. Through the introduced action, parental rights which allowed my former husband to take the child from my home for long periods of time were invoked. I got the competent and exceptionally professional help from my defenders, representatives of the Law Office "VARZARU ION", who demonstrated in court the medical risks to which the child is exposed if taken away from home, thus transforming the father's parental rights in a visitation program that currently takes place at my place and in my presence. I have a great regard for the professional effort of the lawyers VARZARU ION and MORARU MARIA, who got involved with passion and proved professionalism in defending my child’s rights.

CIULEI MADALINA - administrative manager

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